Dealing With Anxiety, Depression, or Substance Abuse Is Easier When You Seek Professional Help

Life is full of challenges. More often than not, these setbacks greatly affect the way we view ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. It is easy to lose faith, especially if you feel like respite is out of reach. Having someone to help you confront your fears and discover your full potential will not only improve your mental health but also enhance your way of life.

Learn to Cope With Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

That’s what we do here at Sanabit Behavioral Health in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We offer support to people suffering from mental health issues or substance abuse. Count on us to take the time to understand what you are going through and give expert advice.


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About Our Company

Sanabit Behavioral Health was established in May 2018. Our owner, David Laxton, takes pride in having more than 10 years of experience in in-patient and out-patient care. We serve patients who have problems with mental health and substance abuse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and its nearby areas.

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